Student Life and Living in Canada

Going abroad - alone - for the first time can be intimidating, but student's living in Canada needn't fear. With it's welcoming attitude, and its inviting sense of community, students can live, express themselves, learn, and work, all at the same time.

● Accommodation on and off campus – you can live in your own room in one of the different types of on- campus accommodation and share the washroom and common areas. You can also live off campus in your private accommodation just minutes away and with easy access to campus. You can also stay with a Canadian family with your private bedroom and private/shared washroom with three meals a day and snacks. You can travel any where in the city free, as your bus pass is included in the student fees.

● Work part-time while you study and full-time during summer holidays and breaks between semesters – Web Link

● Many extracurricular activities, both university oriented and community organized – British Columbia is the most beautiful province in Canada from any university or College you can access walking and hiking trails and you are sure to find natural beauty and adventure. If you like competitive sports rugby, football, basketball, skiing, figure skating, rowing, swimming, diving. gymnastics etc. are all available. If you’re an indoor person try your hand taking art and craft lessons, or try volunteering at campus radio stations, writing for the student newspapers, or joining a campus clubs that align with your passions.