Now that you're getting ready to leave Sri Lanka and begin your journey to Canada, we'd like to take some time to prepare you for the trip, and your stay in Canada. We want you to feel at home, and to have a stress-free acclimatization. Prior to leaving Sri Lanka, we will offer both parents and students the following:

● We will create a platform for you to get firsthand information about Canadian University culture, environment, work culture and how to organize your departure from Sri Lanka through our current students studying/working in Canada

● Information on the differences in education between Canada and Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is tough Canada is tougher. You need to attend lectures and complete all assignments on time. Group work and class presentations are a must

● Accessing grades, fees, and other important information. You and your parents can see how you are performing in your new program, how much to pay for next semester through your university’s secure portal.

● Direct you to gather information on Canadian life

● Financial advice for your parents

● What and what not to bring, you can’t bring everything from Sri Lanka