Jayomi Madubashini
International Student, TRU

Fraser Education Consultants do not sell the idea of an overseas education the way others do. While others take your money and deliver the directions to the success, Mr. Nalaka Swarnadhipathi takes responsibility and helps you make your own path to success.Some say you can’t gain anything without losing something; but with Fraser Education Consultants you can get everything without losing anything. The trust they’ve earned and maintained is beyond expectations. This is not only a recommendation but a thank you to a guardian who will always be there for you in a foreign land.

Awiska Rathnayake
Leeds International School, Panadura

I met Mr. Loho at Fraser Education Consultants' Colombo office He was very friendly and assisted me with the whole process to join The University of the Fraser Valley, Canada. I was just out of school and only 18 years when I left Sri Lanka. My parents and I were a little nervous because I knew no one in Canada except Mr & Dr. Swarnadhipthi with whom I had a Skype discussion only once. When I arrived at Vancouver Airport, Nalaka was waiting for me. They helped me to smoothly settle down into a new environment and to university life. Now, Aunty Kumudu and Uncle Nalaka are my second parents in Canada and The University of the Fraser Valley is my home away from home.

Nela Harshini
Belvoir College International

I am very glad with the services provided by Fraser Education Consultants. My application for the university was done by Mr. and Dr. Swarnadhipathi. They also guided me with the visa application. The two of them worked very hard to contact the university to reserve my seats for the courses as my flight was delayed. They did all of this without charging me a penny. I do not hesitate to recommend their services for anyone!

Rakitha Mendes
Sri Lankan International School, Riyad, Saudi Arabia

After I received my visa accepted Nalaka and his family was inordinately helpful: Firstly, giving me information on the weather in Abbotsford, explaining what I should do once I got the airport in Canada with the immigration services. Then, once I arrived in Canada Nalaka and his family generously picked me up from the airport and even gave me a room in their house and food, until I found my own place. Dr. Kumudu and Mr. Nalaka, his family, and his other students have been extremely generous and supportive throughout my stay in Canada and I would go so far as to say Fraser Education has been more than just an educational agent to me.

Shavin Fernando
St. Nicholas International College, Negombo

The help Fraser Education Consultants gave me was awesome! I was totally new to Canada and Mr. Nalaka helped me settle in. He even offered to pick me up from the airport! I had a few ups and downs while getting used to things, but whenever I needed help, Uncle Nalaka was there to support me, treating me more like a family member. The education system is very different from Sri Lanka's but Fraser Education made it easier to understand, and it's been a great pleasure learning at the University of the Fraser Valley. I definitely recommend their services.