Anuradha Kudagoda - Post Graduate Student

To say “Fraser Education Consultants helped me” would be an understatement. I immediately respected the way they advised me, unlike most I met. Mr. and Mrs. Swarnadhipathi analyzed my case and gave me specific advice on the methods I can apply to any foreign university.

Canada was not on my mind at the time I first met them, they asked me to do my own research and see what I think. They never tried selling me something I do not need. That is why I respect them. I have been in Canada for a year now and ever regretted the decision I made. Looking back, trusting Mr. and Mrs. Swarnadhipathi is a crucial turning point in my life.

If it were not for their support and advice, I would have ended up in a tight place. Thank you for kindly guiding me and my parents towards 'an investment' for my future!